About Us

Hey there, candle enthusiasts! Merigold Candles came to life because I simply couldn't resist the idea of creating candles that not only looked good but smelled good too! Our candles are chic, girly and make the perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

When you burn one of my candles I want your friends, family, and guests to be "wowed" by your home's scent while admiring the candles subtle beauty. The best compliment is "your home smells amazing". And when you find that all time favorite scent, MY favorite compliment is " it smells like you". There's nothing like having that signature home scent you go back to time and time again!

We're all about the good stuff at Merigold Candles. Our candles are made with natural ingredients – think phthalate-free clean scents, a blend of natural coconut wax that's oh-so-smooth, and crackling wood wicks for that extra cozy vibe.

So I'd love to ask you, which is your perfect scent?


Do you enjoy changing things around to match your mood, the holiday, or the season? Or perhaps you've got that one unmistakable scent that everyone associates with your home? It's all about adding that extra touch of magic to make your home truly special.


Want to learn more about the brand? Check out The story behind " Merigold"


Till next time,

Courtney, Owner & Maker




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