About Us

Merigold Candles started because I wanted to create a candle that looks beautiful AND smells amazing.

When you burn one of my candles I want your  friends, family, and guests to be wowed by your home's scent and then admire the candles    subtle beauty. The best compliment is "your home smells amazing" and when you find that all time favorite scent, MY favorite compliment is " it smells like you". There's nothing like having that signature home scent you go back to time and time again!

My candles are made with natural ingredients which includes phthalate free clean scents, a natural coconut wax blend, and crackling wood wicks. Each of our candles vary in fragrance strength, ranging from subtle to moderate/strong.

So I'd love to ask you, which is your perfect scent?


Do you like to switch it up by mood? Holiday? Season? Or do you have a signature scent that everyone recognizes as your home? Every home needs that little extra special touch.


Want to learn more about the brand? Check out The story behind " Merigold"


Till next time,

Courtney, Owner & Maker