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Cozy Cashmere Candle- Sandalwood, Cashmere, Vanilla

Cozy Cashmere Candle- Sandalwood, Cashmere, Vanilla

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"Cozy Cashmere" - Where Warmth Meets Clean Elegance 

Seeking a clean scent without the typical oceanic notes? Embrace the inviting ambiance of our hand poured candle, Cozy Cashmere, our interpretation of a fresh, clean home. Envelop yourself in the comforting aroma of sandalwood, cashmere, and vanilla. Cozy Cashmere creates an atmosphere of serenity and elegance, perfect for unwinding after a long day or setting the mood for a cozy evening in.


All of our candles are hand-poured in our studio in Stoughton, WI. Each candle features a crackling wood wick, long lasting fragrance and a clean burn. Our candles are great alternative to mass in produced paraffin candles AND better burning than the in popular soy candles. 


Product Details

Scent: sandalwood, cashmere, vanilla

Materials: coconut + apricot wax blend, wood wick, fragrance oil (phthalate and paraben free)


12 oz Luxe Glass: 60+ hrs burn, 12 oz wax fill, 4.1" H x 3.75" Diameter


10 oz Gold Tin: 40+ hrs burn, 10 oz wax fill, 3.5" H x 3.45" Diameter 


3.5 oz Gold Tin: 15+ hrs burn, 3.5 oz wax fill, 2.25" H x 2.28" Diamater


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