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Merigold Candles

Mountain Man- Fir, Musk, Vetiver

Mountain Man- Fir, Musk, Vetiver

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🌲 "Mountain Man" - Where the Wilderness Meets Masculinity 🌲

Step into the heart of the untamed forest, where the essence of rugged masculinity takes center stage. "Mountain Man" is an olfactory journey that invokes the spirit of the great outdoors, capturing the essence of fir, musk, and vetiver in a way that's nothing short of captivating.


Product Details

Scent: fir, musk, vetiver

Materials: coconut + apricot wax blend, wood wick, fragrance oil (phthalate and paraben free)


12 oz Luxe Glass: 60+ hrs burn, 12 oz wax fill, 4.1" H x 3.75" Diamater


10 oz Gold Tin: 40+ hrs burn, 10 oz wax fill, 3.5" H x 3.45" Diamater


3.5 oz Gold Tin: 15+ hrs burn, 3.5 oz wax fill, 2.25" H x 2.28" Diamater

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